menu/recipe development

MonAppetit is involved in menu and recipe creation that is tested and repeated enough for consistent results when following specified procedures, ingredients, and equipment. Standard recipes not only help satisfy customer expectations, but also maintains efficient business operation by evaluating costs, inventory and food waste. Our menus and recipes are prepared by well experienced chefs chosen for the particular restaurant requirement. 


our partners


videography/ photography

As part of our total solutions, we provide videography and photography production to help clients grow their business and digitally market their brands with superior video and image content. 


some of our recent corporate clients


culinary events

Since 2014 we have been organising a wide range of events such as themed corporate, team-building, product launches, birthdays or even special promotions. A turn-key service, where all you have to do is show up for a hands-on experience in food creation. We cater either on-site or at our professional kitchen. 


some of our recent corporate clients


kitchen space rental

MonAppetit's state-of-the-art kitchens are available for rent to those who require a professional space to prepare their food items or for filming purposes. Specialised equipment and staff may also be available on request for tasting sessions, menu testing, photo and video shoots or other. Advance booking is required.